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FAR infrared technology heats your body from the core maximizing the health benefits in a safe, effective way.

​Far infrared solocarbon heaters use specific wavelengths on the IR spectrum to heat your body at the core, rather than on the skin's surface. Where traditional saunas heat the surrounding air, far infrared technology heats YOU for a deeper, healthier sweat. 

​Enjoy a relaxing, fully customized sweat in the comfort of your own private room and individual sauna. MELT's saunas allow your head to stick out, avoiding any feelings of claustrophobia. If you become too hot, you can easily slide the lightweight top down to expose your arms and chest to cooler air (temperatures can be adjusted as well!). Enjoy your sweat, your way. 


When your body sweats, you sweat out numerous toxins...but not all sweats are created equal! A traditional sweat removes only 3-5% of toxins through the pores (traditional sweat = 95-97% water, 3-5% toxins) . Infrared Saunas can remove up to 20% toxins in a single sweat session (MELT sweat = 80% water, 20% toxins). The difference is that Infrared saunas heat deep in your core to expel toxins for a deeper, healthier sweat.


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